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Pink Plaits scarf by Aza Shadenova

Pink Plaits scarf by Aza Shadenova

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  • Pure satin silk
  • 100 x 100 cm
  • Dry cleaning only
  • Comes in a box
  • Limited edition, 1 scarf left

About the collaboration:

Aza’s search for creative expression as a female artist, as an immigrant who grew up in the UK, as a member of a rock band, her inherent sense of style – all contribute to her undeniable magnetism and inspire many creative minds, including iconic photographer Nick Knight.

A compelling fusion of cultures and ideas realised in various art forms – themes that we explore through collaboration and that feel so relevant today.

Artist’s Statement

The plaits in the city explore the theme of my culture and escapism from the motherland. The concept is based on life as an immigrant. 

The series of my work centres on positioning a few life elements next to each other and discovering the ultimate true one. “The soul – The motherland – The lack of possibilities” and “The future – adopted country – possibilities”. 

Being out of the comfort zone, out in the wild makes you work more, think which opens the door to many possibilities. However, you can’t stop thinking about abandoning your true origin country, trying to understand why you left. Being in another country makes you appreciate your native country more and more. However, when you are coming back to it, it’s not the same and feelings reverse and vanish, leaving you with a sense of betrayal. 

The thinking behind the plaits was that one plait represents the truthful origin. You can cut off the plaits from the rest of your hair and it won’t die, the colour won’t fade out and the length will stay the same. The plait object also represents the game of tug of war, when you put yourself in two opposite positions to test your strength or find out where you belong to. 

In some regions, a plait was a means of communication. Social stratification is when you can distinguish a great deal of information about another person simply by observing their hairstyle. My project is the way of my communication with my viewers about the context of my origin and my feelings about it. In some works, they represent mountains – strong and high. In some – they are thin, loose and cut off. The cities and nature, old and young, mature and immature, motherland and adopted country. 

Collaboration with Aza is for those who ran away from their motherland and are not to blame for it. 

Aza Shadenova's website

Please note the scarf is going to be sent by Aza from Hastings, UK

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